Sheen Guide & Paint Calculator

The Find my Product page will give you a good idea of sheens and products based on your project type. Read on if you want more information to ensure you’ve selected the perfect product and sheen.

Sheen Information

Sheen is used to reference how shiny the paint is and the amount of light that is reflected from the paint surface. Determining the right sheen is important to ensure the durability of the product you are selecting as well as that aesthetic appeal you desire. Wear and tear and high traffic areas would typically require a shinier paint on the sheen scale, while low traffic areas such as a master bedroom could do well with a matte paint finish.

Instructional Video

This video explains available paint finishes/sheen levels for pros and average joes. This video highlights Benjamin Moore products used and recommended by Mc1 Paints and Mc1 Renotek Inc. If you'd like to purchase Benjamin Moore products, please get in touch with us (Ottawa, Canada only).

How Much Do I Need?

How Much Do I Need? Convenience is key. It's a hassle to order more paint halfway through a project. Get an accurate assessment of what you need using this calculator. Disclaimer: This is meant to be a guide. We are not responsible if you purchase too much or too little.