Mc1 Paint Store

Mc1 Paints is a leading online store. We provide an unparalleled selection of quality paint products, an easy hassle and research-free shopping experience with significant cost savings to our customers.

Our signature collection of paints is high-end, green guard gold certified, and low or zero-VOC products supplied by the most trusted paint suppliers. Through years of industry experience, Mc1 Paints has extensive knowledge of the most effective, durable, and flawless products available on the market to ensure a perfect application. 

With a long history in the Ottawa painting industry, Mc1 Paint is equipped with a great deal of knowledge and the hands-on application of a variety of paint products geared towards residential or commercial painting, thereby ensuring your painting project is a success. Mc1 Paint provides itself with the quality you deserve and the dependability you can count on. This applies to both our services and recommended paint products.